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Do You Run Android Apps On Your PC?

Android Apps Blue Stacks

The Android operating system is widely known to dominate the smart phone industry and mobile computing. It is one of Google’s innovations that runs mainly in smartphones. The system allows several applications that are designed to run on android platform to be used in these devices. It is now possible to run these applications in a Windows and Mac PC without replacing your operating system or installing two operating systems. There is a ton of different resources out there which also covers how to install specific apps on your pc.

How can you run Android Apps on your PC?

Android apps and even the Android OS can be installed and run in any PC. Android can now be installed on PCs hence allowing users to experience the full Android Ecosystem particularly on touch enabled Windows PCs. There are four ways through which you can run Android Apps and games in your PC;

1 – Blue Stacks.

This is a programthat is installed in the PC and is specifically used to run Android Apps in your PC. The program does not replace your operating system but rather runs Android Apps within a window in the existing operating system. With this program, you can use any Android App just like any other program in your PC. Most importantly, the program runs the Android Apps for PCs at a good performance. You can get this program from

2 – Android Emulator.

This is ideal for android App developers for testing their apps on PCs. The Android emulator is provided by Google as part of the Android SDK. The program can be used to run the android Operating system on the existing operating system in your PC. With this program you can get complete access to the entire Android operating system and the Android apps. To get the Android emulator you simply need to download the Google’s Android SDK , launch the SDK manager program and set the configurations for your emulator.

3 – Android -X86.

The Android X86 is a community project that is aimed at porting the Android Operating system into the X86 platform. This will enable the operating system to run on the Intel and AMD processors. Hence, allowing you to install the Android operating on your PC just as you would any other operating system. Currently, few devices are supported including ASUS Eee PCs, Dell Inspiron mini and Lenovo Think Pad.

4 – Android on Intel Architecture (Android-IA).

The Intel company has developed its own distribution of Android Operating system and Apps in the new Intel PCs. Intel provides an installer that allows you to install the Android operating System in your Windows 8 PC. It allows you to install the operating system together with the Windows operating system in a dual boot scenario. However, you should note that this method is not stable hence you should be cautious when using this method.

Once the android operating system and the program that will run the android application is installed then all the PC android apps can be run on your PC. The Bluestacks application is the most preferable method for running PC android apps in your PC it has been tested and proved to be reliable. There has also been talks of a new PC application that might possibly overtake Bluestacks at some point, over at

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