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Check out the new Apple iPhone 6s

Apple iPhone 6

Apple iPhone 6s: Creating a benchmark for Smartphone users

The new iPhone 6s certainly lives up to its expectations. It is an amalgamation of hardware and software functions in perfect concord, creating a new generation of iPhones that is better by any means. The processor is now updated and the camera is much better than the predecessor model. Moreover, the battery has been enlarged in order to appease the concern of power use seen in the previous models. Hence, the new iPhone is relatively more powerful and remarkably power efficient at the same time. The outlook of iPhone 6s is way more impressive with the increased resolution of screen, a smooth metal surface which is accompanied by new Retina HD display. Let us consider some of the key features which iPhone 6s offers.

Key Features

The iPhone 6s pushes the idea of a brand which always puts design of the handset at the forefront. Apple’s design reconstruction is a much-needed one with the added perks of metallic, almost ceramic shell that looks as well as feels brilliant in the hand. Removal of the sharp edges has been in the favor of more sleek and rounded sides. With a remarkable and simplified design, the cover glass curves down around the sides to meet the anodized aluminum enclosure. There are no distinct edges or gaps a such, but entirely just this smooth and seamless mixture of metal and glass which gives you the feel of one continuous surface. It feels so lean, but it does not have the overly lightweight feeling of the iPhone 5S. Considering the payment mechanism, Apple has ensured that it is easy and user-friendly. While limited to US only at the moment, it is going to be the boost that the smartphone industry needed.

The headline feature of iPhone 6s is its 4.7-inch display. The larger screen is certainly an improvement. The resolution i.e. 1334 x 750 is not exactly the best in the line of Smartphones, but essentially, it is 720p, which is much better than many of its contending phones. The new Retina HD screen looks brilliant and immensely vibrant and if you’re trying to figure out how to take a screenshot on this badboy check out this iPhone 6 Plus Screenshot guide. By mating iPhone 6s and iOS 8, the software has been advanced to enhance the physical design. iOS swipe gestures are designed to be more fluidic, making it easy to navigate with one hand.iPhone 6s features the new continuous surface according to which, all your gestures will now feel smoother than ever. Also, an A8 chip built on second-generation 64-bit desktop-class architecture assures better level of performance. The astounding power is augmented by an M8 motion co-processor, which efficiently measures your activity from advanced sensors. The all-new A8 chip is claimed to be the fastest yet.

The CPU and graphics perform faster than that of A7 chip, even while powering a larger display and awe-inspiring new features. Since, the A8 chip can sustain higher performance, you can play graphics-intensive games or enjoy videos at higher frame rates for a much longer period of time.


To conclude, the new payment mechanisms, increased screen and battery size along with the overhauled design are of a phone that is finally on the path laid out by the competition. This is the phone for you, offering simplicity and power of iOS combined with rigid hardware.